New Pathways to Success

Solutions to On-Ramps for Better Business Processes

Our clients get problem specific solutions when they need them. With the technology life cycle getting shorter, Imaging Results, has access to a comprehensive portfolio of the leading document centric software technologies and components.

We provide “customer” insights that have been used across multiple client-engagements and through internal production experience. Imaging Results continues to expand its working understanding of the latest technology platforms. We have knowledge and real world experience in multiple capture, document centric, Cloud, workflow and forms technologies to help you make informed decisions concerning which combination of technologies to deploy for the greatest results.

The correct combination of software, hardware and process, will allow you to acquire the data and documents and greatly reduce the time in the most labor intensive part in the document/data capture process. Imaging Results can bring the best of breed scanner hardware to properly apply in the scanning process. Additionally, we can and have provided the most advanced methods for data extraction utilizing Optical Character Recognition (OCR).  Should not want to do the scanning yourself, we have an entire set of outsourced scanning services that we provide to our clients. These services include back-file conversion, scan forward or daily scanning services.

With mounting internal pressures to make departments profit centers, Imaging Results can augment or provide a fully outsourced service to address the entire Accounts Payable process. This allows customers to reduce audit times, staffing levels, and the ability to focus on more meaningful valued added tasks. For customers chose this service, have the option to permit their vendors to participate in the workflow process through our collaboration portal. Additionally, vendor self-service for invoice processing and invoice tracking will now be available

Regardless of what it is called, Document Management has proven to reduce administrative costs across and other tangible cost within an organization. However, in addition to cost, document management has shifted to managing the life cycle of a document or what is termed Document Life Cycle Management.  Our customers can now simplify the way documents are created, managed, used, and disposed of which in turn saves time, money, and operational headaches.

Electronic workflow has provided accountability and increased speed in certain business processes when applied correctly. With the complexity of business processes on the rise and the need to remain flexible and maintain efficiency, Imaging Results has taken a game changing approach to the workflow ecosystem. It is a departure from the normal approach of drawing lines and diagrams to driving document and process automation with data!

Let Imaging Results reveal how we address business and document process automation as a part of the Document Life Cycle Solution.

The paperless office has been a goal of organizations since the early 1990’s. However, there have been many inhibitors. One of the main inhibitor is that processes still rely on paper forms. The inability to make forms electronic has been addressed with E-Forms.  However, Imaging Results, takes it one step further by giving organizations the ability the make E-forms actionable. Making an E-form a part of a document automation process, increases an organizations ability to maximize potential Return on Investment (ROI) and overall process efficiency.

Since the Cloud is no longer a consumer only platform, for file sharing and email, Document Life Cycle Solutions are now available on this platform to provide a more cost-effective solution for business organizations.  However, all Cloud solutions are not created equal. The Imaging Results Cloud solution is offered with the same functionality as the on-premise offering. There are no feature drop offs between the two offerings including workflow. Two of the more significant benefits are financial and speed to deploy. Let us show you the value of our approach to using the Cloud in addressing the document centric challenges you might be facing.

There is a growing need to for organizations to move from a client/vendor relationship to a partner relationship within the business process. Our Collaboration Portal addresses this need by facilitating bi-directional communication with process owners and external users. This shirks the gap and improves inclusion of vital business processes where your partners need to participate.

Information governance is a growing requirement in today’s organization for both compliance and efficiency. The ability to manage and facilitate this is extremely important in a Document Life Cycle solution. Imaging Results provides a full-automated set of intelligent triggers that are configurable, allowing for identification, archival and disposal of documents based upon easy-to-define-business rules. The retention offering supports the necessary records management features which will permit for participation in a traditional records management offering. We welcome the opportunity to show you how Imaging Results can address your compliance needs.