About Us

We specialize in all areas of document management including Hardware, Software, Capture, Conversion, and Consulting.

Creating Results

Imaging Results is multi-faceted systems integrator and services organization. We provide Document Life Cycle and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions for organization with advanced thinking throughout the U.S.

Innovative technology Document Imaging technologies have evolved from scan and store into an integral component of today’s business operations. It is identified from document management to document automation. Most of today’s business processes have some type of document as a part of the core. Therefore, today’s solution should use a common-sense approach that brings control and order to the way documents are created, managed, used, and disposed of saving its users time, money, and operational headaches.

Practical Approach

The approach you take in the selection and implementation of your solution, must be based upon the objectives and structure of your organization. The results we help create will include both realistic tangible and intangible outcomes. Regardless of how your solution is deployed; on-premise or in the cloud (Microsoft Azure). We give your organization the ability to scale.